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player: mirn

contact: boadiceamoon@aim, boadiceamoon@plurk

: World of Warcraft

Timeline: Mists of Pandaria expansion

Verenor Sunfury was born the second of two sons, to parents Thaelis and Aemara Sunfury, in Dawnstar Village on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Thaelis was a fisherman by trade, though he had served as a ranger for the Farstriders in his younger years. Has an older brother (significant age diff, maybe like 20 in elf years?) named Veramere. When not at sea Thaelis liked to take his sons into the woods with him, to teach them and hopefully steer them towards also becoming Rangers. Veramere, who was big, strong and a dutiful eldest son, happily accompanied his father on such excursions. However, it became clear very quickly that Verenor's talents lie elsewhere. Verenor learned to read at an early age, which was unusual for a commoner who had no access to tutors or many books. Where Veramere quickly became adept with sword and bow, young Verenor showed an impressive affinity for using magic. It became clear to his family that Verenor was destined to be a Mage--a great honor, as their had been no Mages in their family for generations. Their son would become one of the elite. Thaelis and Aemara began to put away what little money they had towards their son's eventual schooling in Silvermoon and Dalaran. A magister in the village, noticing Verenor's talent, began tutor him for free. His parents were very proud of him, encouraged him in his studies, and were very loving. His brother had always been grim and determined, but in those days he laughed and smiled too, when not toiling away at honing skills of his own. Verenor was serious and diligent in his studies, but did experience joy in those early years.
However when Verenor was still young, tragedy struck.. One day his parents went out to sea, and did not return. Verenor and his brother waited days, then weeks, hoping their parents had been waylaid, lost, injured, anything. However, after a month and an extensive search Thaelis and Aemara Sunfury were presumed dead and the brothers were shipped off to an orphanage in Silvermoon City. Verenor's dream of becoming a Mage seemed to die along with his parents.The brothers resided in the orphanage for a time, until they were fostered by the childless Athanor and Liana Spearsong, in Goldenmist Village.
Athanor was a tailor of modest means, and began to teach young Verenor his craft. Verenor was a fast learner, and found that tailoring suited him. He never lost sight on his dream to become a Mage. though; in fact, he quickly learned how to enchant and imbue clothing that would make him even more proficient with magic. Veramere was disinterested, but quickly found his own as a blacksmith's apprentice. There he met another young apprentice, Aethan Sunstriker. His parents' death had taken all the laughter out of Veramere, but Aethan was bright and affable, and so the two became friends. Verenor soon found friendship in Aethan's younger brother, Keledrin, who had similar aspirations to become a magister. The Sunstrikers were very wealthy and Keledrin, happy to have a peer that could finally match his intellect, lent him his books and insisted to his tutors that Verenor be allowed to study with him. In time Verenor was also acquainted with Aehtan , and the two became good friends (after some hesitation from Verenor, who wasn't sure of him as first.) And so some semblance of a happy time was found again, with the Sunfury brothers' lives intimately woven with that of the Sunstriker's.
Veramere's time with the Sunstrikers had influenced him, and he found the Light, which seemed to be all the answers he had ever sought. Much more serious and zealous than his Sunstriker counterparts, Veramere nonetheless trained to be a Paladin. Veramere, who had long thought his brother foolish for still pursuing the pipedream of becoming a magister, began to more routinely chide his brother. Sometimes the dissuasion took the form of perfectly logical arguments, such as Verenor was aiming for too high a caste for a common orphan, that he'd never be able to afford the schooling, that he should be grateful to be a tailor's apprentice if he wasn't going to do the right thing and take up the shield of the Light as well. Other times they ventured into the clearly insane, when Veramere would renounce his use of magic and the high elves' turning away the Light. Verenor nonetheless ignored his brother, even as Veramere's chiding became harsher. Aethan, who had taken a great liking to Verenor, one day in a rare form of anger stood up to Veramere, ordering him to have done. Thw two nearly came to blows, because even as stern as he was, Veramere was not wantonly violent (and neither was Aethan). Their friendship was never the same again, whereas Verenor and Aethan's friendship became only further strengthened. As soon he was of age, Veramere enlisted in the army and was gone. Soon after Verenor, whose budding talent had caught the attention of some very important parties, received a proposition: if he chose, he was to be adopted into the Azuredawn family, who would become responsible for overseeing his education. The Azuredawn family was then a large, well-known family of magisters; not the wealthiest family, but their roots and influence ran deep. The choice to Verenor seemed obvious. He accepted.
Veramere, however was enraged by this decision. He called him a "disgrace" to his family, that he was spitting on the honor of their parents, who had loved them so much, that he was ungrateful. He finally renounced Verenor, calling him "no brother of mine. I no longer have a brother". On a deep level this pained Verenor, but he filed it away as he had done with all the other hurts he had endured in his life, and prepared to fulfill his dream. He and Keledrin went to school together, first in Silvermoon, then in Dalaran. . Aethan chose to visit Verenor on weekends and holidays and any day he felt like it, usually unannounced. He was like a hurricane that swept through his quiet dormitory, but Verenor appreciated it nonetheless. And so time passed, in relative quiet.
The First and Second Wars came and went. Verenor, after completing his education, opted for a career of research rather than become a Battle Mage, and so he was relatively unaffected. At the time he was mostly conducting research on the manipulation of time under the guidance of the Kirin Tor. He recieved modest acclaim for his research, and wrote a couple of books, as well. He settled in Silvermoon City permanently, with extended stays in Dalaran when he needed to for his research. He remained close with the Sunstrikers, particularly Aethan, and sent money back to his foster parents every month.
And then the Third War happened.
As had been the case with the first and second wars, Verenor did not fight in the Third War, and instead continued to conduct research that would benefit the war effort. However the catastrophic events of the third war caused him to reconsider his pacifist stance. Veramere died valiantly in the scourge onslaught, attempting to stave off the hordes from eversong forest. The two had not spoken since the day of their falling out, and losing his only remaining biological kin under those circumstances pained him greatly, although only those closest to him would have been able to tell. The majority of the Azurezawn clan was killed in battle as well, including his adopted sister Dianora, with whom he had become close. Further adding to the tragedy was the massacre of Goldenmist Village, including Verenor's adopted parents and all of the Sunstriker clan, excluding Aethan. The two of them felt personally responsible for failing to protect their village, and the days that followed were dark, though he tried to pick up the pieces of his life as well as he was able, helping to rebuild Silvermoon City and becoming reengaged in conducting and publishing his research. Aethan sunk into a very deep depression, though due to an impeccably kept facade it was really only visible to those who knew him best. This deeply affected Verenor, almost above all other things, and was the straw that broke the camel's back. Verenor snapped and a major row between them followed, in which the generally placid Verenor threatened to wash his hands entirely of his friend if something didn't change. This resulted in Aethan taking up the shield as a Paladin, vowing to fight the scourge as their loved ones had, in the hopes that he would never fail to protect again. Verenor opted to set aside his research and join him in this crusade, even though they both knew it would never bring back the dead.
Revitalized with new purpose, together Verenor and Aethan joined the battle against the Burning Legion in the Outlands; and after finally laid waste to the scourge and the Lich King in Northrend, at last feeling as if their loved ones had been vindicated. There was only a brief reprieve before the Cataclysm, in which Verenor was closely involved in the efforts to subdue Deathwing and friends, and help restore order and balance to the world. Verenor was also one of the first adventurers sent to explore to the recently discovered Pandaria--with Aethan by his side, of course.

Verenor is above all intelligent, logical, and observant. He is pretty much a quintessential INTJ. From the time he was a child, Verenor acted like an old man: he is serious, responsible, punctual, and orderly; he hates crowds, excessive noise, messiness, stupidity, not getting enough sleep, and children on his lawn. He is a survivor, and with that comes a fearlessness to do what must be done.

At first he comes off as polite, but aloof, to others. This is an accurate first impression as Verenor warms up to very few people. He at times can be overly logical and seem insensitive to others' thoughts and feelings. The truth is Verenor has a deep capacity for love and caring that is simply only shown to very few people. However, on a whole he does not wish ill will on anyone, he just wishes they'd leave him alone (unless you're affiliated with the Scourge, then be prepared to die). While much of this is due to his innate personality, Verenor's life has also been shaped by a great deal of loss, and other than Aethan he has lost pretty much everyone he ever did care about.This has caused him to be even less likely to open up to others.However, Verenor sees little need to get close to other people as it is. He has Aethan, and that's all he needs. He is not easily manipulated or fooled, and will often be one of the first to see through the designs of others. Unfortunately, he does not always care to express this knowledge or involve himself needlessly in difficult situations, so he often keeps his observances to himself. He is slow to anger but can become indignant and even a little ruthless if properly provoked.

That said, in the right environment Verenor's more sociable qualities emerge, particularly when he's around like-minded individuals (such as other mages or scientist-types). He can have a cynical, often sarcastic sense of humor, and enjoys engaging in witty banter with others. He will begrudgingly lend a hand in need, but he'd probably not be the first person you'd ask. He is very loyal, reliable, and lives by a firm set of morals that is not necessarily advertised. He is highly individualistic and will likely stand up for something he believes in, regardless of the repercussions. He is a generally placid, quiet individual that doesn't like to make waves, but he has an underlying fiercely fiery streak that emerges when he is pushed. He can be highly stubborn, and extremely pessimistic at times, especially in the face of personal failure. He is also prone to fussiness when his basic needs aren't met (i.e. he gets hangry.)

Verenor is not self-serving or especially ambitious. Any ambition lies more with mastering a system, solving a problem, or applying knowledge. Wealth, glory, and fame do not interest him. He does, however, enjoy a life of comfort and has a taste for aesthetics. He prefers to have a sizable safety net of wealth for this purpose, but is generally frugal.

This list of mage abilities gives a good overview as to Verenor's capabilities. He is proficient in the three major schools of magic used by mages (fire, frost, arcane), but he has a particular affinity for the arcane. He knows how to output a great deal of damage, and fast. Physically he is fragile, and could aptly be described as a "glass cannon"; but he also has an arsenal of protection spells at his disposal. He can render himself immune to all damage for a short period of time, or even go invisible, for instance. But when paired with an individual likely to draw the enemy's focus (i.e. a tank), Verenor has the ability to cause complete destruction with little regard to his personal safety; and this is when he is the most powerful. Verenor also has an array of utility spells, such as the ability to conjure food (namely pastries), teleportation, turning his enemies into penguins, and making everyone around him almost as smart as he is.

Verenor is also a tailor, so he is able to make enchanted robes, shirts, pants, bags, and other assorted textiles. His vast knowledge of herblore, though primarily used as a moneymaking tool, could also be useful in certain situations.
His various clothing, staff, jewelery, etc as contained in his armory.
assorted cloths, threads, needles etc. used for tailoring
assorted dried herbs and flowers, neatly pressed and organized
20x conjured mana cake
10x mana gems
1x puntable marmot
assorted plant seeds
1x rusty watering can
1x vintage bug sprayer
and his pet turtle, Speedy



Backtagging: Of course
Threadhopping: Fine by me
Fourthwalling: Depends, let's discuss it first
Offensive Subjects: Nothing really offends me.


Hugging: You can,  but he greatly dislikes invasion of his personal space
Kissing: See above, more unpleasant than hugs
Flirting: He'll probably pretend he doesn't notice
Fighting: Not fond of doing so, but if you pick a fight with him, prepare to face a worthy--and now very angry-- opponent. He does enjoy Mage-duels, though
Injuring: He will likely injure you back. He's an eye-for-an-eye kind of elf
Killing: Let's discuss OOC first, please
Telepathy/mind-reading: He won't enjoy it, but you can